Emotionally unstable personality disorder

Personality disorder characterized by a definite tendency to act impulsively and without consideration of the consequences; the mood is unpredictable and capricious. There is a liability to outbursts of emotion and an incapacity to control the behavioural explosions. There is a tendency to quarrelsome behaviour and to conflicts with others, especially when impulsive acts are thwarted or censored. Two types may be distinguished: the impulsive type, characterized predominantly by emotional instability and lack of impulse control, and the borderline type, characterized in addition by disturbances in self-image, aims, and internal preferences, by chronic feelings of emptiness, by intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, and by a tendency to self-destructive behaviour, including suicide gestures and attempts.

Группа Симптомы
Черты личности и паттерны поведения Агрессивность, Конфликтность, Импульсивность, Неуравновешенность
Расстройства мышления Суицидальная идеация
Расстройства эмоций Депрессия
Расстройства поведения Аутоагрессия
Фобии и страхи Страх одиночества

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